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Release Date:     2014

Rating:                 NR

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Man in a Box

Man in a Box

Release Date:     2013

Rating:                 NR

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Capsized – (Official Trailer)

Capsized – (Teaser 2)

Capsized – (Teaser 1)

In Development

18% – Based on a True Story

“Marc Cruz, a self-absorbed newly wed, has planned out an ideal life. But when his wife Sara gives birth to their premature son with only an 18% chance of survival, his controlling behavior begins to rip apart their marriage. Marc must confront his troubled past to become a good father and husband.”

– Winner “RUNNER UP” for Best Dramatic Scene, Action on Film 2015

– Nominated for Best New Writer, Action on Film 2015

Capsized – (Feature Length)

Based on my Award Winning short film of the same name, this new full length version of Capsized expands on the concept and characters while taking the film in a different direction.
Coming Soon!


A sci-fi graphic novel trilogy that explores the fate of mankind.