The Conversation

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The Writer, Director and Editor of Capsized the movie all engage in a meaningful conversation on the casting process of their new film.

This video is a humorous thank you message for all of our Kickstarter supporters!

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Music and Sound Design by: John Capo

Emergency Care visits and The Life Coach Program

Emergency Care visits and The Life Coach Program

This is a custom video done for Bon Secours by The Health Journals.

The Life Coach Program connects patients with no insurance, little resources, or no personal doctor with primary care resources to minimize their emergency care visits. These coaches work closely with the emergency department staff to find medical homes for patients who regularly use emergency rooms for non-emergency issues.

Emergency Care by The Health Journals and edited by Geminii Films.

Savi0r – Apology music video

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About this Music video:

This is a music video that was made for the band Savi0r’s song Apology.

Music Video Project Details:

The video was made using entirely still photography and edited with Final Cut Pro.

The Showdown – A Texas Hold Em Short Film

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The Showdown: Synopsis

Cards shuffle and are dealt around the lowly lit green felt table. Poker chips are thrown down for the big and small blinds. A Texas Hold Em game is in process….but this is no ordinary Texas Hold Em poker tournament!

This is the final rounds at the final table of a No-Limit tournament. Da Gangster, calling at every hand…this is The Showdown!

The Showdown movie involves a group of colorful and unique characters all playing this poker tournament with their own strategies.  The College Student, always raising the stakes. The Trucker, throwing it all in.  Da Ganster, calling at every turn.  They all have their own motivations to win while Mr. Joe, aka The Dealer, lays down the “flop” and narrates the subtleties of this unique poker game.

But who will win?  Who will lose?  Who will make it to the last round?

Meet The Showdown Cast

  • Aren Farrington as “Mr. Joe”
  • Allen Barstow as “The Kid”
  • Enzo Kim as “Da Gangster”
  • Zachary Uidl as “The Trucker”

Additional Crew for The Showdown

  • Original Musical Score: Adam Jones
  • Director of Photography: Matthew Pearce

Written, Edited and Directed by: Brandon M. Freer
Produced by: Brandon M. Freer

Technical Details:

Filmed with Canon T2i and T3i
Edited with Final Cut Pro and Motion